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Brand Communication

We help brands connect with consumers over Social Media. Today the decision to buy a product or service, no longer depends on print advertisement or television or any other traditional media. The decision is made based on what people say, through word of mouth publicity and that´s what Social Media delivers for you. Based on the referrals and recommendations, a person decides on what to buy. Social Media delivers Brand Advocacy and Brand Loyalty. That´s why at Social Wavelength, we build communities. We ensure Brand Advocacy through which existing consumers bring in new consumers.

We manage and create conversations happening internally, within an organization and externally. While most organizations focus on external conversations through brand communication and marketing, internal conversations are generally ignored. However, at ADQ we understand that besides consumers, even employees need to be sold the brand as they are equally important. Both, consumers and employees have grievances and both can create Brand Advocacy and Brand Loyalty.

Social Media Outreach

Through Social Media Outreach, we find ways to reach out to Brand Advocates and Brand Influencers. A Brand Advocate is someone who is passionate about a brand. It is vital for a brand to find who are its advocates and the ways to engage with the advocates, so they keep on spreading the brand message. Brand Influencers are people with a social standing, who possess social capital. By engaging with their social capital, a brand can leverage on it. On Social Media, a million fans and a million consumers are not one and the same thing. That’s why we build communities around the brand and create segments within the community.

There are two ways to create segments within a community:

By finding out people who like and engage with every update. These are the people who are Brand Ambassadors. They believe in your brand, people who eat, drink and sleep your brand. By giving them relevant content, freebies, discounts, promotions or invitation to an event, we can keep them engaged so they can keep on spreading the brand message.

People who visit brand pages once in a while. So it is essential for a brand to find a way to ignite their passion for the brand so they remain loyal to the brand. One way could be by creating program for Brand Ambassadors or using Brand Influencer’s social capital to give mileage to the brand.

Social Media Monitoring

When it comes to Social Media Monitoring, we are your eyes and ears. We provide solutions such as Online Reputation Management, Brand Ring-Fencing, Social CRM, Online PR Crises Management, Monitoring for Business Intelligence and Competition Benchmarking on Social Media. Our various solutions help you observe the positive and negative comments around your brand, make you familiar with the hot topics from your industry, draw your attention to consumer complaints and suggest damage control methods and assess the brand's position vis-a-vis the competition.

The Digital Universe is a huge ocean of conversations and whenever, wherever a conversation is happening, we are tuned into it. Our expertise lies in listening to the conversations and making sense of it. Through listening, we explore, what people are conversing about on Social Media, which are the latest trends, what people are talking about a brand or about its competition? When people are conversing about the brand, what are they really talking about, the product, quality of customer service or the brand's new advertising campaign or something else? We classify each conversation for these kinds of ‘buckets’ where the conversation falls.

For listening, we have partnered with Radian6 which is one of the world's leading listening tools (we are also authorized resellers of Radian6, for India). With its robust technology and brilliant user interface, Radian6 empowers a brand. We recommend Radian6 as the preferred listening tool because of several advantages:

  • Radian6 is an Enterprise Grade Social Media Monitoring Suite (multiple tools).
  • Best-in-class coverage. Maximum no. of results which matter to you are captured.
  • Built in a way that it can fit-in and enhance any work flow including Online Reputation Management, Social CRM and Business Intelligence.
  • Gives information in real-time.

We create intelligence and build solutions for our clients using listening to deliver the following:

Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Today, more and more people are visiting the digital space for researching before making a purchase. This could include reviews, asking friends on Social Networks. In this scenario, maintaining your reputation online is an absolute must. Reputation Management on Social Media is not about SEO but it also involves talking to people, responding their queries and understanding their point of view. The only way to reduce negative conversations around your brand is by making positive contribution.

Social CRM
Whenever someone asks you a question as a brand, you respond to their queries, address their complaints. As a brand you are in a relationship with your consumers. Earlier that relationship used to be 24 x 7. Now it has changed to 24 x 7 x everywhere. Essentially, this means if a consumer is saying something about your brand on Twitter or Facebook or on a blog, as a brand you must respond to his queries.

PR Crisis Management:
How does a PR crisis happen?

Creating Business Intelligence
Traditionally, Business Intelligence was created through surveys or by tracking user behavior through identifying what he buys at the store or when he visits a website, where he clicks. However, now Social Media allows you to listen to thousands and thousands of unstructured conversations. These conversations are free of any bias. While user tracking doesn’t allow perception mapping which is contradictory to Social Media where one can analyze perception in an unbiased manner. Social Media allows a brand to map user perception towards the brand, user perception towards the brand vis-à-vis its competition and analyze user sentiment.